Monday, December 11, 2006

Test Regime

I've not mentioned it yet here, but I am currently undergoing examinations for a sleep disorder. The initial bloodwork and EKG as well as the physical examinations are behind me, and I'm now scheduled for a MSLT-exam on the 19th of this month and a brain-MRI on the 27th, and a further appointment with a neurologist on the 8th of January next year. Hopefully I'll get some more definitive answers then, the current preliminary diagnosis is one of hypersomnia.

I've also just scheduled a Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale test for the 28th of this month, in order to get a more detailed account of my IQ and assessment of various subcategories of intelligence.

And finally, I'm considering applying for the London School of Economics. If that works out I might be saying goodbye to Finland next fall, maybe for good.

//Written to the soothing tunes of Charles Mingus Spontaneous Piano Composition.


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