Friday, August 04, 2006

Let's get this over with

Right now is an utmost boring time in politics. Yes, that's right. Israel is having at it with Libanon, who have a whole lot of nothing to put up a fight with. As a result, Israel is killing a bunch of civilians, the worlds is "shocked" and nothing is getting done about it because the U.S. is blocking all actions. The EU has no say in the region as both parties belive they are biased toward their enemy, and you can't really expect anyone else to stand up and take charge either. So nothing is happening, except a 24/7 news coverage re-affirming that nothing has changed, except that Israel is now targeting Lebanese civilians instead of Palestinian civilians with their tanks.

Is it just me, or is there something incredibly absurd about using tanks to fight guerilla troops?

What's really interesting is the effect this is having on Hizbollahs reputation and status in the region. This is a shiite organization which has hijacked the Palestinian cause to promote the rebirth of the Islamic State which fell along with the Turks after World War 1. Essentially, the only people who were truly behind Hizbollah before this little war was Iran. Syria were backing them because it was convenient and they wanted the Gholan Hights back from Israel, and the Libanese(85% Sunni) mostly hated them. The assassination of prime minister Hariri didn't help their popularity. And yet now they are experiencing a violent surge of popularity, and the more civilians Israel kills, the more supporters Hizbollah gains. How many more will be willing to die for the cause once robbed of their livelihood and loved ones? As long as Hizbollah manages to stay alive, they will have no lack of new recruits to replenish their ranks. They will be hailed as victors, some have even suggested that parades may be held in their honor in the streets of Beirut once this is over. Once Israel ends this futile campaign(unless it is to become a permanent occupation of Lebanon as well, in which case I'll be interested to see how the U.N. justifies that without incurring the wrath of every last Muslim on the planet), they will have strengthened Hizbollah beyond what the organization has ever known before.

Don't hold your breath for peace in the middle east.


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